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Poker full time

poker full time

So I am going to start playing poker full time.
Would.25/.50 be a way to earn 20 an hour, only if multi-tabling.
Okay that's good it means you won't tilt away your money or rush to higher stakes you shouldn't be playing.
I also like to play in tournies.I second pdq's notion that you're in a dream world at the moment.NLH20, PLO600, SNG, MTT, OFC."I tripled my buy-in easily" tells us absolutely nothing, anyone can get lucky in 1 session.Bottom line - you're not even close to ready to go pro.If you're at a great table with idiots giving away their money, you should stay at that table and get as much as you can from.Don't have a set win limit, just play as long as you feel like playing."Would this be a good way to to earn over 20 an hour?".It will be a way for me to keep track of the evolution of my own game, as well as a way to get feedback from other more experienced players.But they were wrong.Due lotto 6 49 subscription alberta to a unique financial situation I do not have to work.BTW I play a very loose and aggressive game.Anything that you guys and gals think might be helpful to me post.
Gradually climb the stakes until you're making some real money and some real stakes.
You're talking about being a professional, not some gambler just trying to get lucky and run.
I do not have Poker Tracker or any other tool yet, but am considering getting it once I have my bankroll up to 650, then to take the BR up to 1500 by the end of January.
We at One Time Poker grant you the right to use your "one time" all day, every day, all the time.
A pro doesn't just need discipline, he also needs to be a good, winning player.
They say you only get to use your "one time" once.
I am going to start over there, build my bankroll, then after maybe a month there move up to 25NL.You're not even beating those stakes yet.So you're presumably beating.05/t much of a feat, those players are horrible, doesn't take a pro to beat them.I will post everything that happens here, in this thread.Went through some very bad losses early on, due to my game just being bad.

"I've studied much into business management, emotional control.
I am very new to the online world of poker (I have been playing since Oct.
So I will more likely than not play two tournies a day, maybe a sNg or two as well.