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Exo lotto lyrics change

Oh oh loto bouches du rhone mars 2018 oh Lotto, oh oh oh Lotto oh oh oh neoran haengun machi sillatgateun hwangnyul soge mameul deonjige hae nal dareun saramdeureun ije papkon ibe neoeun chae uril cheodabwa (Ah baby) meolliseo deullyeooneun sori, no way (No way no way no) jeulgyeo bwa.
Boombayah was deemed unfit for broadcast due to mentioning a brand name as well as profanity.
Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah byeol gwanshimi eomneun cheok shiseoneul pihaeseo ga ihaehae modeun geol georeoyaman hal tenikka seucheoman bwado Oh yeah dareun yeojawaneun hwak dalla dwidorabwado bunmyeong naege chajaon Luck, lipstick Chateau wainppit Color (Lalalala) hayan Champagne beobeure Shower (Lalalala) pyeongsaenge han.
These lyrics were changed to Racks on racks/ Im flexin crazy when blackpink performed on SBSs.A source from YG spoke with Star News and said, We are currently discussing lyric changes and request for a retrial regarding the problems KBS has with boombayah.'.(No way, no way, no) Oh yeah Oh yeah Lipstick, Chateau (La, la, la, la) Champagne (La, la, la, la) Louder Oh-oh-oh (Louder) Oh-oh-oh (Louder) Oh-oh-oh (Louder) Oh-oh-oh (Louder) Were going crazy, my lucky lady I dont need no money (Oh yeah) Lipstick, Chateau (Chateau.In response, EXO will be promoting Louder on KBS instead of Lotto.The song is the same, it will simply replace every instance of lotto with louder.Lotto has two different choruses.EXO changed the lyrics for the first chorus of Lotto when performing and repeated the second chorus twice so that the word lotto would not be used and they could perform the song on the show.Lipstick Chateau wainppit Color (Lalalala) (Chateau Chateau all over) hayan Champagne beobeure Shower (Lalalala) (hayan Champagne on me) pyeongsaenge han beoniljjido molla kkuk chamatteon bonneungi twieo olla (bonneungi twieo olla) Baek/Chan eojjeona I just hit the lotto (Lalalala) (Yeah oh) Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah.Lipstick, Chateau wainbit keolleo (La, la, la, la) hayan Champagne beobeule syawo (La, la, la, la) pyeongsaenge han beoniljido molla kkuk chamatdeon bonneungi twieo olla neol hyanghae sori jilleo Louder, oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder) i sunganeul nohchiji ma, were going crazy.
I dont need no money neoman isseumyeon dwae deoeobsi ganjeolhi wonhaneun geol modeun geoseul geoleo naege (Oh yeah).
More, new comment, the source lyrics have been updated.
More, new comment, ich verstehe "sie" eher auf eine Person bezogen.
Some music shows/programs called it Louder because they have banned the word lotto for promoting gambling.
As for blackpink, the broadcasting station and YG Entertainment are currently discussing revisions to lyrics in order to meet the requirements.Lipstick, Chateau wainbit keolleo (Chateau, Chateau all over yeah) hayan Champagne beobeule syawo (hayan Champagne on me) pyeongsaenge han beoniljido molla kkuk chamatdeon bonneungi twieo olla (bonneungi twieo olla) eojjeona I just hit the lotto (Just hit the lotto yeah oh) La, la, la,.Oh oh oh louder, oh oh oh louder oh oh oh i sunganeul notchijin ma, were going crazy, my lucky lady tto hanbeon gieokdwel nareul jigeumdo nan mogi malla nege jul kke ajik mana.Please review your translation.Es ist auch von "ihre Seele" die Rede, hat die.Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh Lotto-tto.There's no such thing as too friendly Ok, in certain cases I could imagine.Source ( 1 ) ( 2 how does this article make you feel?

(No way, no way, no) jeulgyeo bwa Oh yeah modeun ge bakkwieo Oh yeah oneulbuteon gonggido dalla sesangi bakkwieo bamhaneulen eunbit byeoldeul.
(No way, no way, no) Just have fun, oh yeah Everything has changed, oh yeah Even the air is different today The world has changed, the night sky is filled with silver stars Lipstick, Chateau Wine color (La, la, la, la) White Champagne Shower with.
It has been revealed that EXOs Lotto and blackpinks debut track boombayah have been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS.